How To Test Sendgrid Email

In the modern age of technology, emails have become an essential aspect of communication. From marketing to notifications and transactions, emails are a vital tool for businesses. SendGrid is a cloud-based service that helps businesses send billions of emails every month. However, it is important to test your emails before sending them out. This guide will explain the process of testing SendGrid emails.

Setting up a SendGrid account

Before you can start testing, make sure you have an active SendGrid account. SignUp on the SendGrid website to get started.

Setting Up SendGrid Email API In Your Code

With the SendGrid account set up, you will need to integrate the SendGrid Email API into your code. It’s a fundamental step to send any emails, including the testing ones.

Here is a basic example of setting up SendGrid API in Python:

import sendgrid
from sendgrid.helpers.mail import Mail

sg = sendgrid.SendGridAPIClient(api_key='your_sendgrid_api_key_here')
email = Mail(
    from_email='[email protected]',
    to_emails='[email protected]',
    subject='Sending with SendGrid is Fun',
    plain_text_content='and easy to do anywhere, even with Python')
response = sg.send(email)

Make sure to replace ‘your_sendgrid_api_key_here’ with your actual SendGrid API key, which you can find in your SendGrid account settings.

Testing SendGrid Email

Now that the SendGrid Email API is set up, you can proceed with testing SendGrid email.

1. Sending Test Email

To send a test email, you simply need to set the ‘to_emails’ field to your desired test email address. In the Python script above, you would replace ‘[email protected]’ with your actual test email address.

2. Checking the Response

After running the script, check the console for the response from SendGrid. If the email is sent successfully, you will receive ‘202 Accepted’ as a status code.

3. Checking the Email

Lastly, open the test email account and check whether the email has arrived. Make sure the contents are as expected and the links (if any) are working correctly.


Understanding how to test SendGrid email can be quite beneficial for your application or business. It allows you to identify and rectify any issues before sending out the actual email to your clients or users. With this guide, you can confidently integrate and test SendGrid in your applications.