Retrieving XP CD-Key from the Registry

Do you not know your computer operating systems’ serial number and you need it? If you want to re-install windows, or do any major updating it may require you to enter you serial number to confirm you indeed have a license for the software. This tutorial will guide you through using a website and information from your registry to get your CD-Key.

Disable Visual Effects to Speed Up Windows XP

If you are running Windows XP on a slower computer you may want to turn off all the excess visual effects. These effects can look appealing, but there is no doubt that the more visual effects the Operating System has to handle, the slower the system will be. You can disable the visual effects to increase the speed of Windows XP.

Speed Up Your PC by Increasing Page File Size

This tutorial will show you how to speed up Windows by increasing the page file size. The page file, or virtual memory, is a space on the hard drive that is used to store data for temporary to use. This is similar to the way RAM works, only the data is store on your hard drive instead on a memory chip.