Reading from a MySQL Database Using PHP and MySQLi

mysqli php database tutorial

I had some old tutorials out there that use outdated PHP libraries to access a MySQL database. I wanted to update these to use the latest PHP library called MySQLi. MySQLi is the improved database driver for use in the PHP scripting language to provide an interface to MySQL databases. It replaces both PHP’s MySQL … Read more

Get the Best WordPress Hosting from Flywheel

get flywheel wordpress hosting

When it comes to hosting for your WordPress site there are a plethora of options out there. From traditional shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers to more advanced WordPress specific hosts. Choosing the best WordPress hosting can be a tough decision. Hopefully, we can make that decision easier for you with our review of Flywheel … Read more

Using WordPress Child Themes

There are tons of quality WordPress themes out there. You found the perfect one for your site, almost. Everything looks good at first then you decide you need a few little tweaks to the theme code to really fit your needs. Stop modifying the theme directly. Start using WordPress Child Themes. If you aren’t familiar with child … Read more