How To Share Only One Tab In Google Meet

Google Meet stands out as a favorite platform for video meetings, offering the capability for participants to share their screens with the group. Nevertheless, there might be instances when you prefer to share just a particular tab or window, rather than exposing your full screen. This article aims to guide you on how to share a single tab in Google Meet.

Step 1: Open Google Meet

To start sharing your screen in Google Meet, you need to open the platform first. Go to and sign in with your Google account.

Step 2: Join a Meeting

Once you are signed in, you can join an existing meeting or create a new one. To join a meeting, click on the “Join” button and enter the meeting code provided by the host.

Step 3: Share Your Screen

After joining the meeting, you will see a button to share your screen in the bottom toolbar. Click on it and select “Share a tab or window” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Select the Tab You Want to Share

A list of all open tabs will appear. Click on the tab you want to share with others in the meeting.

Step 5: Adjust the Screen Sharing Settings

Before sharing your screen, you can adjust some settings such as the resolution and frame rate. You can also choose whether to share your audio or not.

Step 6: Share Your Screen

Once you have selected the tab you want to share and adjusted the settings, click on the “Share” button to start sharing your screen with others in the meeting. You can stop sharing at any time by clicking on the “Stop Sharing” button.


In conclusion, sharing only one tab in Google Meet is a useful feature that allows you to share specific information with others during a meeting. By following these simple steps, you can easily share your screen and collaborate with others in real-time.