How To Sync Trello With Ical

Trello is a popular project management tool that allows you to organize your tasks and collaborate with others. However, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track of all your tasks across different platforms. That’s where iCal comes in! In this article, we will show you how to sync Trello with iCal so that you can easily manage your tasks from one place.

Step 1: Create a Trello Board

First, create a new board on Trello. You can name it whatever you want and add as many lists and cards as you need. Make sure to set up your board in a way that makes sense for your workflow.

Step 2: Install the Trello Power-Up

Next, install the Trello Power-Up for iCal. This will allow you to sync your Trello cards with your iCal calendar. To do this, go to the “Power-Ups” section of your board and select “iCal Feed.” Follow the instructions to set up your feed.

Step 3: Set Up Your iCal Calendar

Once you have installed the Trello Power-Up for iCal, you will need to set up your iCal calendar. Create a new calendar and name it “Trello.” Then, go to the “File” menu and select “New Calendar Subscription.” Enter the URL of your Trello iCal feed and click “Subscribe.”

Step 4: Customize Your Settings

Finally, customize your settings to make sure that your Trello cards are syncing correctly with your iCal calendar. Go to the “Power-Ups” section of your board and select “iCal Feed.” From there, you can choose which lists and cards to sync, as well as set up notifications for when new cards are added or updated.


By following these steps, you should be able to successfully sync your Trello board with iCal. This will make it easier to manage your tasks and keep track of deadlines across different platforms. Remember to customize your settings to fit your workflow and needs.