How To Copy A Trello Board To Another Account

In case you are a regular user of Trello, the project management tool, you must be well-versed with its different features. One such feature enables you to duplicate a Trello board to a different account. This becomes handy when you have to shift project information from one account to another or when you require identical boards for multiple objectives. Nonetheless, the procedure might appear daunting if you are not accustomed to it. This blog post will guide you by taking you through a simple step-by-step method on how to duplicate a Trello board to another account.

Step 1: Open the Board You Want to Copy

Login to your account and navigate to the board you want to copy. You can only copy a board you have access to, so ensure you’re either the owner of the board, or you have been granted the necessary permissions.

Step 2: Access the Board Menu

Once you’ve opened your board, access the board menu which is usually located in the top right corner of your screen. Click on the “Show Menu” button to view all options related to the board.

Step 3: Copy the Board

In the board menu, you’ll find an option labeled “Copy Board.” Click on it to initiate the copying process. Trello will then prompt you to enter a name for the new copy of your board. You can either keep the default name or choose a new one. Once you’ve named your board, click on the “Create” button to copy the board.

Step 4: Transfer the Copied Board to the Desired Account

Now that you’ve successfully copied your board, it’s time to transfer it to the desired account. To do this, access the board menu again. This time, click on “Settings” and then select “Change Team.”

In the pop-up that appears, you’ll see a drop-down menu with a list of teams you are part of. If the account you want to transfer the board to is in the same team, simply select that team and click on the “Change” button.

If the account you wish to transfer the board to is not part of any of your teams, you’ll need to create a new team, add the desired account to that team, and then assign the copied board to that team. You can do this by accessing your Trello dashboard, clicking on “Create a new team”, and following the prompts.

And voila! You’ve successfully copied a Trello board to another account. Remember, copying boards can be a great way to duplicate and share resources, but always ensure you have the necessary permissions to do so.