How To Run Facebook And Instagram Ads

The emergence of social media has transformed business operations, with social media advertising being one of its major advantages. Facebook and Instagram are two of the most renowned platforms for this purpose. This article will provide instructions on how to run successful advertisements on both platforms.

Creating a Facebook Ad

Step 1: Set Up Your Ad Account

If you haven’t already, head over to the Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad account. Once you’re there, click on Menu and then under “Plan”, select “Audiences”.

Step 2: Create a New Ad

Navigate to the campaign tab and click on the + Create button. This will open up the campaign wizard where you will be asked to choose an objective for your ad.

Step 3: Choose Your Objective

Facebook offers 11 objectives based on what you might want your ad to accomplish. Some of these objectives include brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, video views, lead generation, messages, conversions, catalog sales, and store visits.

Step 4: Define Your Audience and Budget

Once you’ve selected an objective, name your campaign and proceed to define your target audience and budget.

Step 5: Create Your Ad

Finally, select the format you wish for your ad to appear and add the text plus any media content. Once you’re done, click on Confirm to submit your ad.

Running Instagram Ads

Running ads on Instagram is similar to Facebook as they are both owned by the same company. The difference is that Instagram offers you the ability to create ads directly from posts that you have shared. To do this, you will need to switch to an Instagram business account.

Step 1: Connect Your Instagram Account to Your Facebook Page

Go to your Facebook Page and select Settings, then Instagram then Connect Account.

Step 2: Choose a Post to Promote

On your Instagram business profile, select the post you want to promote by tapping on the post and then on the Promote button.

Step 3: Set Your Objective and Audience

Choose where to send people, target audience, budget, and duration.

Step 4: Review and Promote

Review your promotion then tap Create Promotion.

To conclude, running ads on Facebook and Instagram can significantly increase your brand’s visibility. It is a cost-effective way of reaching out to potential customers and growing your business. Start running your ads today!