How To Create Test Cases In Jira Zephyr

In order to guarantee the performance of software, quality assurance is a crucial element of its development. Developers must conduct various tests, referred to as test cases, to ensure the product functions as intended. Jira Zephyr is a commonly used tool for organizing and managing these test cases. Below, we will walk you through the steps of creating test cases in Jira Zephyr.

What is Jira Zephyr?

Jira Zephyr is an add-on to the Jira software, designed to provide comprehensive test management within Jira. It allows for the creation, planning, and execution of test cases directly within a Jira project.

Create a Test in Jira Zephyr

To create a test in Jira Zephyr, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Create” in the header.
  2. From the issue type dropdown, select “Test”.
  3. Now, you can add details for the test case. It’s important to include a detailed description and test steps.
  4. Once done, click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the form.

Add Test Steps

To add test steps, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the created test case and click on the “Test Details” section.
  2. In the Test Details section, you’ll see the “Test Steps” field. Here, you can add the Steps, Test Data and Expected Results.
  3. After adding all the necessary details, don’t forget to click on “Save” to save the steps.

[h3]Example of Creating a Test Case[/h3]

Let’s take an example of creating a simple test case “Verify the login functionality.” Here’s how you create this test case in Jira Zephyr:

1. Click on Create.
2. Select Test as Issue Type.
3. In the Summary, write: Verify the login functionality.
4. In the description, write the purpose of this test case.
5. Now, add Test Steps. For instance,
   -Step: Enter valid Username and Password.
   -Test Data: Username = User1; Password = Pass1
   -Expected Result: Successful login and redirection to the home page.
6. Click on Create.

There you have it! You have successfully created a test case in Jira Zephyr. Remember to tailor each test case to meet your specific testing needs. Happy testing!