How To View Comments In Figma

As design projects are worked on collaboratively, comments play a crucial role in the design process. They serve as a means for teams to communicate, give feedback, and make decisions together. Figma, a commonly used design tool, provides a seamless method for viewing and organizing these comments. This article will walk you through the steps of viewing comments in Figma.

Navigating to the Comment Section

Accessing the comment section in Figma is straightforward. Whether you are using the web application or the Figma desktop app, the process is the same.

Firstly, open your Figma file. On the top-right corner of the interface, you will find several icons. One of them is a speech bubble icon – this is the Comment icon. By clicking on it, you’ll toggle the comment panel on the right-hand side of your screen.

Viewing Comments

Once the comment panel is open, you can view all the comments left on the design file. The comments are displayed with the name and the profile picture of the user who left the comment, as well as a timestamp indicating when the comment was made.

If the comment was made on a specific part of the design, you would see a numbered marker on the design canvas corresponding to the comment on the panel. Clicking on a comment in the panel will automatically navigate to the corresponding marker on the design.

Responding to Comments

Engaging with comments is also a straightforward process in Figma. To respond to a comment, you simply need to click on the Reply button below the comment. A text box will appear where you can type your response. Once done, press the Enter key to post your reply.

Filtering Comments

Figma also provides the functionality to filter comments. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with design files that have a large number of comments.

1. Click on the filter icon located at the top of the comment panel.
2. A dropdown menu will appear with various filter options. 
3. You can choose to filter comments by 'All', 'Unresolved', 'You're following', or 'Mentioned you'.
4. Select the filter option that suits your needs.

You can also search for specific comments by using the search bar at the top of the comment panel.


Comments play a crucial role in design collaboration, and Figma has made it easy to view and manage these comments. By knowing how to effectively navigate and use the comment feature, you can improve your design workflow and enhance your team’s collaboration.