Eliminating Viruses with AVG Free Edition

Fear that you may have viruses on your computer? Has your PC been running slower than normal? This application from Grisoft is a wonderful virus-scan that is completely full featured and free. This tutorial will walk you through downloading, installing, and operating AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. Once you have completed this tutorial, you will be able to keep your computer clean from viruses.


To begin click on this link and it will take you to a website that will contain the above section in the middle of the page. Click the AVG 7.5 Free for Windows link on this page to start the download. Save the file to your computer (I usually just download them to the desktop, for easy removal when completed). At 27.2 Megabytes, this file may take some time on slower connections. Please be patient. This application is well worth the wait.

Once the download completes, click on Open in the download window, or simply double-click the icon that should now be on your PC.


You will now see the above window. This window welcomes you to the AVG Install Wizard. This window offers a link to the Frequently Asked Questions section of their website. Click on next when you are ready to continue.


This window displays the user agreement. Once you have completed going through this document, click on next to continue.


This window will appear briefly while the install verifies the files that was downloaded and check your system.


Once the check completes, the above window will appear. This window allows you to pick your installation method. Standard installation is the recommended setting to use here. Make sure that radial is marked and click on next to continue.


This is where you put in your name and company you want to register it to. The license number should be filled in automatically if you downloaded the correct version.


After the information is correct and you click on next, you will get this final screen that goes over the details of the install for you to verify one last time.


Now the application is installing.


This window will show if the installation was successful.


Upon launching of AVG for the first time, you will get the above box. This box congratulates and tells you that it’s going to walk us through setting up our antivirus.


This first box allows us to update our virus definitions. You need to be connected to the internet in order to perform this update. Once your connected to the internet, click on the “Check for Updates” button to have the application look for updates on their server.


This box will appear. This box allows you to update the virus definitions from a file locally on you pc if you need to. Check the do not ask this again box and then lick on internet to initiate the download.


This window shows us that there is indeed an update available for our system. Select the update you want to do and click on the update button.


While the update is occurring, you will see the above window. This is the download window.


You will get a pop-up message once the update has completed as shown above.


This screen (which is next in the setup wizard) allows us to pick how high priority the virus scanning should be. Low priority takes longer because it tried not to take system resources to do the scan while you are working on it. If you check High priority, the system will use as much resources as it needs to in order to complete the scan quickly. It is recommended that you enable the Daily scan. This option will allow the application to scan all of the files on your hard drive once a day. Once you are done with these options, you can click on next to continue.


This box will allow you to scan your computer now, to ensure that you are starting clean. Click on the Scan Computer button in order to start a system scan.


This is the scanning window. This window will alert you to viruses that were found, where they were found, and what type of issue it is. Once the scan completes, remove the problems that it found and then close the scan window. You will now be back at the setup wizard where you can click next to continue.


This window allows you to register your AVG so that they will alert you for updates and send you offers for their professional line of products.


This is the final setup window. Click on continue….


This window is the main AVG window. It if from this window that you can make it do a full system scan anytime you would like (usually when you are going to be away from the machine for a little while). Simply click on the Scan Computer button and the same window as before will appear on the screen and start scanning your computer for infections. This concludes this tutorial. I hope you were able to follow this tutorial and thanks for reading!