Why Is Mailchimp Email Not Displaying Correctly

Although Mailchimp is a widely used email marketing platform, there may be times when your emails do not appear properly. Let’s explore some of the possible causes for this problem.

Coding Errors

One of the most common reasons why your Mailchimp email isn’t displaying correctly could be due to coding errors. If your HTML code contains errors, it may result in a misinterpretation by the email clients, hence displaying your email incorrectly.

Tip: Always ensure your code is clean and error-free. You can use online HTML validators like W3C Markup Validation Service.

CSS Compatibility Issues

Another important aspect is CSS compatibility. Not all email clients support the same CSS properties. If your email design contains CSS properties that are not supported by a certain email client, it can result in a distorted email display.

Use inline CSS as it is more widely accepted by email clients. Tools like Mailchimp’s Inliner Tool can help to ensure that your CSS is inline.

Email Client Limitations

Some email clients simply have limitations when it comes to displaying certain types of content. For example, Outlook has been known to have trouble displaying background images, certain fonts, and even certain CSS properties.

It’s essential to test your emails on various platforms to ensure they display correctly across different clients.

Images Not Loading

Images add visual appeal to your emails but they can also cause issues if not used correctly. This can occur if the image file is too large or if the image URL is broken.

Always ensure you’re using the correct image URL and try to keep your image file sizes as small as possible to ensure quick loading.


These are just a few reasons why your Mailchimp email may not be displaying correctly. Always remember to test your emails on various platforms before sending them out. Happy emailing!