How To Use Giphy Slack

Slack, the well-known platform for team collaboration, offers more than just efficient communication. It also offers various integrations to improve the overall communication experience. Among these integrations is Giphy, which allows users to add humor, express reactions, and make conversations more engaging through the use of GIFs. To learn how to use Giphy with Slack, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Install Giphy for Slack

Before you can start using Giphy on Slack, you need to install it. You can do this by going to the Giphy page on Slack’s App Directory.

Once there, you can click on the Add to Slack button to start the installation process. Follow the prompts and grant necessary permissions to integrate Giphy into your Slack workspace.

Step 2: Use Giphy in Slack

Now that Giphy is installed in your Slack workspace, you can start using it. To do this, type /giphy in the message box. Replace with the description of the GIF you want to send. Then press Enter.

For example:

/giphy happy dance

Giphy will then provide a GIF based on your description. If you’re not happy with the GIF, you can always click on the Shuffle button to get a new one.

Step 3: Configure Giphy Settings

You can also configure Giphy settings for your workspace. To do this, go to the Giphy configuration page in your Slack workspace settings.

Here, you can adjust the rating level of the GIFs that Giphy provides. There are four levels:

  • G – Suitable for all audiences
  • PG – May contain some material that parents may find unsuitable for younger children
  • PG-13 – May be inappropriate for children under 13
  • R – Contains adult material

You can also change the default behavior of Giphy. By default, Giphy shows a preview of the GIF and you need to click on Send to post it. You can change this so that GIFs are automatically posted without a preview.

Giphy Slack integration offers an effortless and fun way to make your team communication more engaging. So, let’s get giffing!