How To Tell If Canvas Quiz Is Proctored

Canvas is a well-known learning management platform utilized by various educational establishments across the globe. It empowers educators to oversee coursework, evaluate assignments, and administer quizzes. Nevertheless, online education can be complicated at times, particularly when dealing with the intricacies of online quizzes. A particular aspect that frequently prompts inquiries from students is: “Does my Canvas quiz have proctoring?”.

In this blog post, we will walk you through the signs to watch for to figure out if your Canvas quiz is proctored. Here’s how:

1. Check the Syllabus

Typically, professors or institutions will clearly mention in the syllabus whether a quiz or exam will be proctored. If you find any mention of proctoring services or tools, it’s a clear indication that your quiz will be monitored.

2. Look for Proctoring Toolsets

Canvas integrates with various proctoring tools like Proctorio, ProctorU, etc. So, if you see any of these tools mentioned in the quiz instructions or elsewhere on your course page, it’s a sign that the quiz is proctored. These tools may require you to install additional software or plugins on your computer.

3. Quiz Settings

If you can’t find clear indications in the syllabus or course page, check the quiz settings. Often, there will be signs in settings like webcam and microphone requirements, or restrictions on browsing other tabs and windows during the exam.

4. Ask your Instructor

If you’re still unsure, the best and most straightforward way is to ask your instructor. This will not only enable you to know if your quiz is proctored but also understand any specific instructions or rules you need to follow during the quiz.

Remember: Ultimately, the goal of proctoring is to maintain the integrity of the examination process. So, even if your quiz is proctored, there’s nothing to worry about as long as you’re prepared and ready to show your knowledge!


Figuring out whether a Canvas quiz is proctored can sometimes be a bit tricky, but with these tips, you should be able to make an informed decision. Good luck with your quiz!