How To Show Toolbar In Adobe Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator is a widely-used software for creating vector graphics, utilized by countless designers and artists for various purposes such as web and mobile graphics, logos, icons, book illustrations, and billboards. One crucial component for effectively utilizing this program is the toolbar, which offers convenient access to its numerous tools. However, there may be times where the toolbar disappears due to accidentally clicking on an incorrect option or a software malfunction. If you are experiencing this issue, do not fret, as we are here to provide assistance. This blog post will walk you through the steps to display the toolbar in Adobe Illustrator.

Method to Show Toolbar in Adobe Illustrator

Follow the steps below to show the toolbar in Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Open your Adobe Illustrator software.
  2. Look at the top of your screen to find the menu bar and click on “Window”.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear, scroll down and find “Tools”.
  4. The “Tools” option has a side menu. Here, you will find different toolbar options like ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’, etc.
  5. Click on the ‘Advanced’ option to display the advanced toolbar with all the tools.

If you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, you can simply press Shift + F10 to show the toolbar in Adobe Illustrator.

Customizing Toolbar in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator allows you to customize your toolbar according to your needs. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. After opening the Adobe Illustrator, click on “Window” on the menu bar.
  2. Find and select “Tools” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Then, select “New Toolbar…” from the side menu.
  4. A dialog box will open, asking you to name your new toolbar. Type your preferred name and hit “OK”.

Now you have your own custom toolbar. You can now drag and drop the tools you frequently use into your custom toolbar.


So, that’s how you can show and customize the toolbar in Adobe Illustrator. This should help streamline your design process, making it faster and more efficient. Keep creating and exploring with Adobe Illustrator!