How To Log Bug In Jira

“Jira, created by Atlassian, is a widely used project management software that helps teams track problems, glitches, and updates. In this blog post, you will be walked through the step-by-step process of reporting a bug in Jira.”


Before we start, ensure you have the following:

  • An active Jira account
  • Appropriate permissions to create and log bugs

Step 1: Navigating to the ‘Create’ Button

After logging in, you’ll land on the Jira dashboard. On the top of the screen, click on the “+ Create” button.

Create Button

Step 2: Select the ‘Bug’ Issue Type

After clicking on the ‘Create’ button, a form will pop up. You need to select the ‘Issue Type’. For this instance, we’ll select ‘Bug’.

Bug Type

Step 3: Fill in the Bug Details

Now, it’s time to provide as much information as you can about the bug.

  • Summary: Enter a brief, clear summary of the bug.
  • Description: Describe the bug in detail, including steps to reproduce, expected outcome, actual outcome, any error messages, and so on.
  • Priority: Assign a priority to the bug (e.g., Minor, Major, Critical).
  • Assignee: Assign the bug to a team member.
  • Reporter: This is typically the logged-in user who is reporting the bug.
  • Labels: These are used to categorize issues. It’s optional and you can add labels based on your team’s norms.

Step 4: Attach Screenshots or Log Files

If applicable, attach screenshots or log files that will help in resolving the bug. You can do this by clicking on ‘Attach files’.

Step 5: Click on ‘Create’

After filling in all the necessary details, click on the ‘Create’ button at the bottom of the form. Your bug is now logged and will appear in the project’s issue list.


That’s all there is to logging a bug in Jira! This powerful tool helps teams stay organized and efficient by allowing them to easily track and manage bugs and issues. With practice, you’ll be able to log bugs quickly and efficiently, helping your team resolve them faster!