How To Migrate Jira Project To Another Instance

If an organization’s requirements change, it may be required to transfer a Jira project from one platform to another. This piece offers a thorough tutorial to assist you in completing this task seamlessly.


You need to have administrator privileges on both the source and target instances for a successful migration. It’s also crucial to ensure that the versions of Jira on both instances are the same to avoid any compatibility issues.

Steps to Migrate a Jira Project

1. Generate an XML Backup of the Source Instance

The first step towards migrating a Jira project to another instance is exporting the current instance data. Go to System > Import and Export > Backup system on your Jira dashboard, then click on Create backup for cloud.

2. Download the Backup

On successful creation of the backup, Jira provides a download link. This file usually includes all the necessary data like issues, user accounts, groups, and project settings.

3. Restore the Backup on the Target Instance

Log in to the target Jira instance where you want to migrate the project. Navigate to System > Import and Export > Restore system, then upload and import the previously downloaded backup file.

4. Verify the Migration

After importing the backup, verify that all data has been migrated correctly. Check the issues, project settings, user accounts, and any other essential information.


Migration of a Jira project to another instance is an essential skill for any Jira administrator. While it may seem like a daunting task initially, following the above steps will certainly make the process straightforward and efficient.

Additional Tips

Keep the following tips in mind:

  • Ensure that both Jira instances are on the same version.
  • Take a backup of the target instance before restoring any data to safeguard against any unforeseen circumstances.

Sample Code

// Sample code for creating a backup in Jira
// This is a hypothetical example and not actual code

// Ensure that you have admin privileges
if (isAdmin) {
    // Navigate to the backup section
    goTo('System > Import and Export > Backup system');
    // Click on 'Create backup for cloud'
    clickOnButton('Create backup for cloud');