How To Navigate In Figma

Figma has become increasingly popular in recent years as a versatile and user-friendly design tool. Although its interface is known for being intuitive, beginners may initially find it a bit overwhelming. This guide will show you how to navigate through Figma.

Understanding the Figma Workspace

The Figma workspace consists of several important areas:

  • Figma Toolbar: This is the topmost part of the workspace where you can access tools for interactions like moving, scaling, and drawing.
  • Layers Panel: Found on the left side of the screen, the layers panel allows you to organize and select your layers.
  • Canvas: The area where you create and manipulate your design.
  • Properties Panel: This is on the right side of the workspace and changes dynamically depending on what you have selected on the canvas.

Moving Around in Figma

To navigate the Figma canvas effectively, you need to master several key actions: zooming in and out, panning, and moving objects.

Zooming In and Out

Zooming in and out is done by using the scroll wheel on your mouse while holding down the Control key (or Command key on Mac). You can also use the + and keys on your keyboard to zoom in and out respectively.


For panning across the canvas, hold down the Space bar and drag your mouse. The cursor will change into a hand symbol indicating that you are in panning mode.

Moving Objects

To move objects on the canvas, simply click on the object and drag it to the desired location. For precise movement, select the object and use the arrow keys.

Navigating Layers in Figma

The Layers Panel is a powerful part of Figma. Here’s how to navigate it:

  • Selecting Layers: Just click on a layer to select it. To select multiple layers, hold Shift and click on the layers you want to select.
  • Moving Layers: Drag and drop layers to rearrange them. Layers at the top of the list are in front on the canvas, while those at the bottom are at the back.
  • Searching Layers: Use the search bar at the top of the layers panel to find layers quickly. Type the name of the layer you’re searching for into the search bar.

Navigating Figma may seem overwhelming initially, but with practice, you will find it to be an intuitive and powerful tool for design and collaboration. Happy designing!