How To Make A Recurring Card In Trello

Trello is an excellent tool for managing projects. It is adaptable, user-friendly, and can be personalized for any team’s requirements. One lesser-known feature that can be very beneficial is the option to create recurring cards. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of setting up a recurring card in Trello.

Using Power-Ups

The easiest way to create a recurring card in Trello is using Power-Ups. These are additional features that you can add to your Trello boards to enhance functionality. In this case, we’ll need the Card Repeater Power-Up.

Step 1: Enable the Power-Up

To enable the Card Repeater Power-Up, navigate to the board where you want to create the recurring card, then click on Show Menu > Power-Ups > Card Repeater > Enable.

Step 2: Set Up the Recurring Card

Next, go back to your board and click on the card you want to make recurring. On the right side of the card’s interface, click on the Power-Ups button and then click on Card Repeater. Here, you can set how often you want the card to repeat. You can choose to have it repeat daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Once you’ve set up your preferences, click on Save.

Your card will now repeat at the interval you’ve specified.

Using Butler

If you’re looking for more advanced features for recurring cards, you might want to consider using Butler, another Trello Power-Up. Butler allows you to automate various actions on Trello, including creating recurring cards.

Step 1: Enable Butler

To enable Butler, follow the same steps as above, but this time select Butler from the list of Power-Ups and click Enable.

Step 2: Create a Butler Command

Go back to your board and click on the Butler button in the top right corner. This will open a new window where you can create commands. Click on the + Add a New Command button and select Card from the dropdown menu.

Here is a simple example of a command that creates a recurring card:

    every Monday, create a card titled "Weekly Meeting" in list "Meetings"

You can customize this command according to your needs, like changing the day of the week, the title of the card, or the list where the card is created.

Remember to click Save once you’re done setting up the command.

With these steps, you’re now equipped to easily make a recurring card in Trello. This can greatly enhance your team’s productivity by automating regular tasks and ensuring nothing is overlooked. Happy Trello-ing!