How To Make A Property Mandatory In Hubspot

HubSpot’s CRM system offers a wide range of functionalities which aid businesses in effectively managing their customer connections. Among these features is the option to generate and oversee custom properties. Yet, there could be instances where particular properties become vital for your business procedures. This is where making a property mandatory becomes valuable. Through this article, you will acquire knowledge on how to make a property mandatory within HubSpot.

Making a Property Mandatory in Hubspot

Unfortunately, at the moment, HubSpot does not provide an in-built feature to make a property mandatory. However, there’s always a workaround. For instance, you can use automation workflows or add a validation layer through custom coding or APIs.

Workflow Automation

With Hubspot’s workflow tool, you can create a system which flags or notifies you when a certain property has not been completed. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Go to ‘Automation’ > ‘Workflows’
  2. Click ‘Create workflow’
  3. Select ‘Start from scratch’
  4. Set your enrollment triggers to target the objects that should have the mandatory property
  5. Set an action such as ‘Send notification email’ if the property is not filled

Custom Coding and APIs

For a more technical approach, you can create a validation layer using APIs or custom coding. An API request can be made to Hubspot’s CRM API to check if the property has been filled in, and if not, a warning can be issued. This requires deeper coding knowledge and may not be suitable for everyone.

function validateProperty(contactId, propertyName) {
  // make API request to get contact
  const contact = hubspotClient.crm.contacts.basicApi.getById(contactId, [propertyName]);
  // check if property is filled
  if (!contact[propertyName]) {
    // property is not filled, issue warning
    console.warn(`Contact ${contactId} does not have property ${propertyName} filled.`);

In conclusion, while HubSpot does not offer an in-built feature to make a property mandatory, you can bypass this by using the above mentioned strategies. They may require a bit more effort, but the benefits in terms of data cleanliness and compliance with your business processes can be significant.

Remember, whether you choose to use workflows or custom coding, always test your setup thoroughly to ensure it’s working as expected. Happy HubSpotting!