How To Keep Cc In Jira Comments

Managing JIRA issues can be quite daunting, particularly with larger teams or intricate projects. A frequent challenge is keeping track of all the comments and making sure that the relevant individuals stay informed. To address this, you can utilize the Carbon Copy (CC) function in JIRA comments. This function allows you to include other team members in your comments and guarantees that they receive notifications. Today, we will provide a step-by-step instruction on how to utilize this feature efficiently.

Step 1: Start a New Comment

To start, navigate to the issue where you want to post a new comment. Once there, locate the Comment button usually found at the bottom of the page. Click on it to open a new comment box.

Step 2: Mention Users

To include a user in your comment, simply type @ followed by the name of the user you’d like to include. JIRA will auto-suggest matching users as you type. This technique is great for directing a comment to a specific person or people.

Step 3: Use the CC Function

To CC a user, you need to mention them as described above, but with an added twist. You need to add the cc text before the user’s name. It should look something like this:

        cc @username

Replace username with the name of the user you want to CC. Once you post the comment, the mentioned user will be notified.

Step 4: Use CC with Multiple Users

You can CC multiple users in a single comment. Simply follow the format provided and separate each user with a comma. Like this:

        cc @username1, @username2, @username3

In this way, JIRA keeps everyone included in the loop of the ticket’s progress.


Keeping track of JIRA comments doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By using the CC function in JIRA, you can easily manage your comments and ensure all relevant parties are kept in the loop about important project updates and discussions. Happy commenting!