How To Recover Deleted Jira Project

At some point or another, many of us have experienced the sinking sensation of unintentionally removing something crucial. If you have mistakenly deleted a JIRA project, it may seem like a daunting task to retrieve it. However, do not lose hope, as it is not necessarily gone forever. The retrieval process may not be simple, but it is achievable.

Understanding JIRA’s Deletion Process

First, it’s crucial to understand that JIRA doesn’t have a built-in recovery feature for deleted projects. When a project is deleted, all of its associated issues, components, and versions are also deleted. JIRA’s default behavior is to permanently delete these project entities. Therefore, recovering a deleted project isn’t as simple as clicking a “restore” button.

However, with proper backups in place, it’s possible to restore your deleted project.

Retrieving Your Deleted Project from a Backup

The key to recovering a deleted JIRA project is to have regular backups in place. JIRA has a built-in backup feature that you can use for both automatic and manual backups. If you’ve set up these backups, you’re in luck.

You can restore your deleted project from these backups. Here’s how:

1. Identify the Backup that Contains Your Deleted Project

Before you deleted your project, you must have created a backup file that contains the project’s data. Identify the backup file that was created before the project was deleted. This file will contain the data of your lost project.

2. Install a New Instance of JIRA

Restoring a backup will replace your current JIRA data. To prevent this, install a new instance of JIRA. This way, you can access your deleted project without losing your current work.

3. Restore the Backup to the New JIRA Instance

Once the new JIRA instance is set up, restore the backup file to this instance. You can do this through the JIRA administration interface. Navigate to System > Import & Export > Restore System.

Here, upload your backup file and click 'Restore'.

Your deleted project should now be available in the new JIRA instance.


Recovering a deleted JIRA project might not be straightforward, but with regular backups and patience, it’s certainly possible. It’s a perfect reminder of the importance of consistent backups, whether you’re working with JIRA or any other software. Always ensure that your project data is regularly backed up to guard against accidental deletions and other data loss scenarios.