How To Delete Form Submissions In Hubspot

HubSpot is a strong inbound marketing, sales, and CRM tool that provides a wide range of capabilities for effectively managing and nurturing customer relationships. Among these capabilities is the ability to manage form submissions. Yet, there may be instances where you need to remove certain form submissions, either for data organization or privacy purposes. This article will walk you through the process of deleting form submissions in HubSpot.

Step 1: Access Form Submissions

The first step is to access your form submissions. Log into your HubSpot account and navigate to your forms dashboard by clicking on “Marketing” > “Lead Capture” > “Forms”.

Step 2: Select the Form

Once you’re on the forms dashboard, locate the form from which you want to delete the submissions. Click on the name of the form to open it.

Step 3: Access the Submissions

After opening the form, click on the “Submissions” tab on the top of the page to view all submissions made through the selected form.

Step 4: Delete the Submissions

Now, it’s time to delete the submissions. Unfortunately, as of now, HubSpot doesn’t provide an option to delete form submissions directly from the form. You need to delete the associated contact that was created with each form submission. Here is how you do it:

Each form submission in HubSpot creates a new contact (or updates an existing one) in your HubSpot Contacts database. Therefore, to delete a form submission, you will have to delete the associated contact.

Simply click on the name of the contact that you want to delete. This will take you to the contact’s detail page. From here, click on the “Actions” button and then select “Delete”. You will be asked for confirmation before the contact (and the associated form submission) is deleted.

Important Considerations

Please note, deleting a contact in HubSpot is a permanent action and can’t be undone. Therefore, you should be certain before proceeding with this action. Also, remember that the deletion of a contact will remove all associated data and engagement history with that contact from your HubSpot account.

Also, be aware that due to privacy and data protection regulations, such as GDPR, you may be obligated to delete personal data if requested by an individual. Therefore, knowing how to delete form submissions and associated contact data is critical.

In conclusion, even though HubSpot does not allow direct deletion of form submissions, it is still possible to delete these submissions indirectly by removing the associated contacts. Always ensure to double-check the data before proceeding with the deletion as it is a permanent action.