How To Log Emails In Hubspot

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HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that supports marketing, sales, and service to aid in the growth of businesses. An important aspect of HubSpot is its feature that logs emails, which assists in organizing all customer interactions in a single location. This post will offer a detailed tutorial on how to log emails in HubSpot.

Step 1: Install HubSpot Sales Extension or Add-in

First, add the HubSpot Sales extension to your web browser if you are using Gmail, or install the HubSpot Sales Office 365 add-in if you are using Outlook. These tools enable you to log and track your emails directly from your inbox.

Step 2: Log Emails in Your Inbox

Once you have installed the HubSpot Sales extension or add-in, an additional bar will appear in your email compose box. To log an email, simply click the Log checkbox in the HubSpot bar before sending your email.

Step 3: Select the Associated Record

If you want to associate the email with specific records, click the Associate with button in the HubSpot bar and select the appropriate contacts, companies, or deals.

Step 4: Review Your Logged Emails

After an email has been logged, it will appear in the contact’s timeline in your HubSpot account. To view it, navigate to the Contacts section and click on a specific contact. You will see all the interactions, including logged emails, with that contact.


Logging emails in HubSpot can greatly improve your customer management by keeping all your interactions in one place. This feature, combined with the power of HubSpot’s sales, marketing, and service tools, can help you create a seamless, efficient customer journey. So, start logging your emails today!