How To Know If You Are Blocked On Gmail

Have you ever wondered if someone has blocked you on Gmail? There could be cases where you’re not receiving responses from a certain Gmail user and you might be curious to know whether you’ve been blocked. This blog post is here to help you find out!

How Does Blocking Work on Gmail?

Before we dive into how to detect if you’ve been blocked, let’s first understand how the blocking feature works on Gmail. When a user blocks you on Gmail, your emails will not be directly delivered to their inbox. Instead, they are sent directly to the spam folder. The blocker will not receive any notifications about your emails either.

Methods to Detect if You’ve Been Blocked

While Gmail does not directly notify you if you’re blocked, there are a couple of methods to make an educated guess.

1. Checking the Status of Email Delivery

If you are blocked, your email will be moved to the spam folder on the receiver’s end. However, Google will not send back an error message, bounce message, or any other notification that you’ve been blocked. Your email status will still appear as ‘Delivered’.

2. Checking for Online Status

You can check the online status of a Gmail user through Google Hangouts or Google Chat. If you always see them offline, this could be an indicator that you’ve been blocked. However, this is not a definitive method as they may have simply turned off their online status or could be inactive.

3. Sending an Email from a Different Address

Another method is to send an email from a different email address. If your email is responded to from the other address, it could be a sign that your main address has been blocked.


Unfortunately, Gmail does not provide a straightforward way to know if you’ve been blocked by someone. These methods are not foolproof, they can only give some potential indications. The most definitive way is through open communication. If you suspect you’ve been blocked, it may be best to reach out through other means of communication and clarify the situation.

Remember, understanding and respecting the boundaries of others is equally important in digital spaces. Happy emailing!