How To Know If Message Is Read On Slack

Slack is an important communication tool in the workplace, offering a central hub for all work-related communication. A frequent inquiry we receive about Slack is: How can you confirm that someone has read your message? In the following blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to check if your message has been read on Slack.

Understanding Slack’s Confirmation System

Unlike many other messaging platforms, Slack doesn’t have an explicit feature that lets you know whether someone has read your message. It doesn’t have read receipts or a ‘seen’ feature like you might find on Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. However, it does have an indirect way of indicating this, which is often overlooked.

Checking if a Message is Read

Even though Slack doesn’t provide direct read receipts, you can infer if a message has been seen based on the recipient’s status and activity.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Check the recipient’s status: If the recipient’s status is online (indicated by a green circle next to their name), they are likely to have seen your message. However, this is not a foolproof method as the user might have Slack open without actively checking it.
  2. Check if the recipient is typing: If you see a “typing” indication in your conversation with the recipient, they have at least opened your conversation and are likely to have seen your message.
  3. Check for reactions: If the recipient has reacted to your message, of course, they have seen it. But again, this is only useful if the recipient actually uses reactions.

Other Indications

Besides the above, you can also check a user’s last activity on Slack. Hover your cursor over the user’s name. A small window will appear, showing the user’s local time and the last time they were active.

A Note on Privacy

While it can be helpful to know if someone has seen your message, it’s worth noting that there’s a reason why Slack doesn’t have read receipts. Slack respects user privacy and tries to reduce the pressure that can come with immediate responses to messages.

In conclusion, while there is no direct way to check if your message has been read on Slack, the above suggestions can give you a pretty good idea. Remember, communication is key, and Slack is just a tool to help facilitate that.