How To Print Slices In Photoshop

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Adobe Photoshop is a widely used tool for graphic designers, offering a range of precise editing features. Among them is the slicing function, which allows for breaking up images into smaller pieces or “slices”. These slices can then be saved individually for various purposes, such as in web design where different sections of an image may have different functions. However, printing these slices may not be as simple for some. This guide will walk you through the steps of printing slices in Photoshop.

Step 1: Create Slices

First, you need to create your slices. Use the Slice tool in the Tools Panel – if you do not see it, it might be hiding under the Crop Tool. You can make slices around the different components of your image manually. For instance, you may want to slice an infographic into its constituent sections. So, you would draw a slice around each section using the Slice tool.

Step 2: Save Slices as Files

Once you’ve sliced your image, you need to save each slice as a separate file. Follow this step-by-step procedure:

Go to the File menu, choose Export and then select Save for Web (Legacy).

Here, you will see your image with all the slices. You can adjust the settings for each slice, like format (JPEG, PNG, etc.), quality and more. Ensure you have selected all slices; check the Slices section and choose All Slices.

Click on Save, choose your desired location, and in the Slices dropdown menu, select All Slices. This will save each slice as a separate file in your chosen directory.

Step 3: Print Slices

Now you have all slices as separate files, you can print them one by one. Navigate to the directory where you saved them, open each file in Photoshop (or any image viewer), and print it from there.

If you want to print all slices on a single sheet, you would need to create a new Photoshop document and place all slices into it. Then, arrange them as per your preference, and print the document. To do that:

Go to File -> New, and create a new document of your preferred size.

Then, open each slice file, select all (Ctrl+A), copy (Ctrl+C), go back to the new document, and paste (Ctrl+V).

Use the Move tool to arrange the slices. After you’ve arranged all slices, you can now print this document with all slices.

Slicing and printing these slices in Photoshop might seem challenging at first, but once you understand the process, it’s quite manageable. Happy slicing and printing!