How To Keep Slack Thread Open

As a frequent Slack user, you may have encountered the issue of managing important discussions in different threads. A common inquiry among users is, “What are some ways to keep a Slack thread active?” Let’s explore a few methods to accomplish this.

The Slack Sidebar

The easiest way to keep a thread open in Slack is to use the threads sidebar. The ‘Threads’ section displays all your conversations in one place, making it easier to keep track of them. You can access this by clicking on the ‘Threads’ option on the left-hand side of your Slack window.

Pin Important Messages

Pinning an important message to a channel or direct message is another way to help keep track of important conversations. To do this, hover over the message you want to pin and click the ‘More actions’ button (represented by three vertical dots). From the dropdown menu, select ‘Pin to this conversation’. This will keep the message (and therefore the thread) easily accessible at all times.

Star Important Messages

Like pinning, starring a message is another way to keep an important Slack thread open. This essentially bookmarks the message, making it easy to revisit at any time. To star a message, hover over it and click the star icon that appears to the right of the message.

Save Important Messages

Slack also allows you to save important messages. Saved messages can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Saved items’ option in your workspace’s name menu. To save a message, hover over it, click the ‘More actions’ button and select ‘Save this message’.

Slackbot Reminders

Another method of keeping a Slack thread open is to use the Slackbot to remind you about it at a later date. To set a reminder, hover over the message, click the ‘More actions’ button, and select ‘Remind me about this’. You can then choose when you want to be reminded.

Use Slack Apps

Slack integrates with many productivity apps that provide additional ways to manage your conversations. Some of these apps can help you keep threads open and manage them more effectively.

In Conclusion

Keeping a Slack thread open is not inherently built into the platform. However, by using the above techniques, you can make sure that you keep track of important conversations. From using the threads sidebar, to pinning, starring, saving messages, or setting Slackbot reminders- you can ensure that no important thread goes unnoticed.