How To Hide Grid In Figma

Figma is an exceptional tool that graphic designers swear by. It offers a myriad of features that allow designers to develop impressive designs. One of the key elements that Figma offers is the grid system, which helps guide the design process. But at times, you may want to hide the grid to have a clearer view of your design. So, how do you achieve this? Let’s walk you through the process of hiding the grid in Figma.

Step 1: Open your Figma project

The initial step is to launch your Figma software on your computer. Navigate to your desired project that you are currently working on. Once opened, you can view the grid lines appearing on your design frame.

Step 2: Navigate to View Options

On your top right corner, find and click on the ‘View’ icon that appears like an eye. A drop-down list will appear, giving you a set of options.

Step 3: Hide the Grid

From the list of options, you’ll see an option named ‘Grid’. Next to this you’ll find a checkbox. If this box is ticked, it means that the grid is currently active. To hide the grid, simply click on this checkbox. The grid should now disappear from your design frame, giving you a clean slate to view your design.

Note: Clicking the checkbox again will make the grid reappear on your design frame.

Shortcut Method

If you’re a fan of shortcuts, you can use the key combination Ctrl + ‘ (For Windows) or Command + ‘ (For Mac) to quickly hide or show the grid.

// For Windows
1. Press Ctrl + ‘ 

// For Mac
1. Press Command + ‘ 

And it’s as simple as that! Using these steps, you can easily switch between viewing and hiding the grid on Figma, thereby increasing your productivity and efficiency while designing. Remember, the grid is a helpful tool to use while you are designing, but don’t let it hinder your view of the bigger picture. Hide it when you need to!


Figma’s versatility makes it a preferred choice for graphic designers. The functionality of hiding the grid provides a clearer view of the design, enabling designers to focus on the details. Now that you know how to hide the grid in Figma, you can seamlessly create your design without any distractions. Happy designing!