How To Disable Yoast Seo Schema

“The Yoast SEO plugin is widely recognized as a highly effective SEO tool for WordPress sites. Nevertheless, there may come a time where you need to deactivate its Schema feature. This could be a result of a plugin clash or if you are utilizing an alternative means for producing schema data. In this article, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to disable the Yoast SEO Schema.”

What is Yoast SEO Schema?

Before we get into the steps, let’s first explain what Yoast SEO Schema is. Schema is a type of microdata that makes it easier for search engines to parse and interpret the information on your web pages more effectively so they can serve relevant results to users based on their search queries. Yoast SEO automatically generates this schema data for all your pages and posts.

Disabling Yoast SEO Schema

To disable the Yoast SEO Schema, you can use a simple filter provided by Yoast. This filter, wpseo_json_ld_output, allows you to override the Schema data generated by Yoast SEO.

To use this filter, insert the following code into your theme’s functions.php file:

        add_filter( 'wpseo_json_ld_output', '__return_false' );

Note: Always back up your website before editing any of your theme files. If you’re not comfortable editing these files, consider hiring a professional or reaching out to Yoast support for help.


Remember, disabling Yoast SEO Schema should only be a temporary solution until you resolve the underlying issue that caused the conflict. Schema data is crucial for SEO and to ensure your web pages appear correctly in search engine results. If you are using a different method for generating schema data, ensure it is correctly implemented and optimized for your website.

If you need more assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or consult with a professional. Happy blogging!