How To Give Slack With Grigri


Grigri is a type of belay device that is commonly used in rock climbing. It is designed to provide a safe and secure way for the belayer to manage the rope while the climber ascends. One important aspect of using a Grigri is knowing how to give slack effectively. In this article, we will discuss the steps involved in giving slack with a Grigri.

Step 1: Identify the Need for Slack

The first step in giving slack with a Grigri is to identify when it is needed. This can be done by paying close attention to the climber’s movements and body language. If the climber appears to be struggling or if they are trying to reach for a hold that is out of their range, it may be necessary to give them some slack.

Step 2: Release the Brake Hand

Once you have identified the need for slack, the next step is to release your brake hand from the Grigri. This will allow the rope to move more freely and give the climber the slack they need.

Step 3: Pull Down on the Rope

After releasing your brake hand, you can then pull down on the rope to give the climber some slack. It is important to be gentle and controlled when doing this, as too much force can cause the climber to lose their balance or even fall.

Step 4: Monitor the Climber’s Progress

As you give the climber slack, it is important to monitor their progress closely. If they are able to reach the hold they were aiming for and regain their balance, you can then release the rope and return your brake hand to its position on the Grigri.

Step 5: Return to Normal Belaying

Once the climber has successfully reached the hold and regained their balance, you can return to normal belaying. This involves keeping your brake hand on the Grigri and paying close attention to the climber’s movements.


Giving slack with a Grigri is an important skill for any rock climber or belayer. By following these steps, you can ensure that your climber has the slack they need to successfully complete their route and stay safe while doing so.