How To Give A Thumbs Up In Zoom

Zoom is a widely used video conferencing tool that enables individuals to communicate with each other across the globe. A standout feature of Zoom is the option to give a thumbs up during a meeting or call. This small action can demonstrate consensus, gratitude, or support to other participants on the call.

Step 1: Join a Meeting

To give a thumbs up in Zoom, you first need to join a meeting. You can do this by clicking on the link provided by the host or entering the meeting ID and password into the Zoom app.

Step 2: Find the Reactions Button

Once you’re in the meeting, look for the reactions button. This is usually located at the bottom of your screen, next to the chat box. Click on it and a menu will appear with various emojis and reactions.

Step 3: Select the Thumbs Up Emoji

In the menu, you should see an emoji that looks like a thumbs up. Click on it to select it as your reaction. Your video feed will now display the thumbs up emoji for everyone in the meeting to see.

Step 4: Remove the Thumbs Up Emoji

If you want to remove the thumbs up emoji from your video feed, simply click on the reactions button again and select the “clear” option. This will remove all reactions from your video feed.


Giving a thumbs up in Zoom is a quick and easy way to show appreciation or agreement during a meeting or call. By following these simple steps, you can start using this feature today and make your Zoom experience even better.