How To Get Jirachi In Pokemon Sword

Greetings, fellow trainers! If you’re searching for a thorough tutorial on obtaining the legendary Jirachi in Pokémon Sword, you’ve landed on the correct page. Let’s begin!

Understanding Jirachi

Jirachi, known as the Wish Pokémon, is a steel/psychic type introduced in Generation III. Known for its unique ability to grant wishes, this mythical Pokémon is highly sought after by trainers all over the world. So, how to get your hands on one?

Obtaining Jirachi through Pokémon Home

The most straightforward way to get Jirachi in Pokémon Sword is by transferring it from Pokémon Home. However, it’s important to note this method requires that you first have Jirachi in Pokémon Home.

Step 1: Transfer Jirachi to Pokémon Home

Jirachi was available in the past in Pokémon’s anniversary distributions and Pokémon Channel for the GameCube. If you have a Jirachi from these sources or others, you can transfer it to your Pokémon Home.

Step 2: Transfer from Pokémon Home to Pokémon Sword

Once Jirachi is in your Pokémon Home, you can easily transfer it to Pokémon Sword.

1. Open Pokémon Sword and select 'Mystery Gift' from the menu.
2. Choose 'Get a Mystery Gift'.
3. Choose 'Get with Code/Password’.
4. Connect to the internet and input your unique code.
5. You should now have Jirachi in your game.

Alternate Method: Use of Poké Ball Plus

If you have the Poké Ball Plus accessory, it can be used to get Jirachi. Keep in mind, this method will only work if the Poké Ball Plus is brand new and hasn’t been used with a Pokémon game before.

1. Open Pokémon Sword and go to the main menu.
2. Choose 'Mystery Gift' and then select 'Take a Stroll with Poké Ball Plus'.
3. Connect your Poké Ball Plus to the game.
4. Jirachi will appear as a gift in your game.

Final Words

Getting Jirachi in Pokémon Sword might seem like a daunting task, but with these methods, it becomes a lot easier. Remember, the journey of becoming a Pokémon trainer is filled with challenges, but the rewards are immensely gratifying. Good luck, trainers!