How To Forgot My Facebook Password

Many individuals have likely faced the inconvenience of forgetting a password at some point. This becomes particularly troublesome when the password is for a crucial platform like Facebook, where one connects with loved ones. Fortunately, Facebook has taken steps to simplify the process of recovering forgotten passwords. There is no need to worry; we have provided the necessary steps to help you retrieve your forgotten Facebook password.

Step 1: Go to Facebook Login Page

The first thing you need to do is go to Facebook’s login page. You can do this by typing “” into your browser’s address bar or by searching for “Facebook” in your browser’s search engine.

Step 2: Click on “Forgotten account?”

On the Facebook login page, you’ll see a field to input your email or phone number and password. Since you’ve forgotten your password, you’ll want to select the link that says “Forgotten account?” which is located below the login fields.

Step 3: Enter Your Email or Phone Number

After clicking on “Forgotten account?”, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can find your account. Here, you’re required to input the email address or phone number linked to your Facebook account. Once you’ve inputted the necessary information, click on “Search”.

Step 4: Choose a Password Retrieval Method

You will be given several options on how to recover your password. You can choose to receive a code via email or SMS, or you can answer your security questions if you’ve set them up.

Step 5: Reset Your Password

Once you’ve chosen your preferred method and received the code, or answered your security questions correctly, you will be given the option to reset your password. Make sure to choose a strong password that you will remember but is hard for others to guess.

After successfully changing your password, you will be redirected to the Facebook login page where you can now log in with your new password.


Forgetting your Facebook password can seem like a big inconvenience, but recovering it is a straightforward process. Just follow these steps and you’ll have access to your Facebook account in no time. But, remember to keep your new password safe and try not to forget it this time around!