How To Export Trello To Excel For Free

If you are overseeing a large project or just trying to stay organized with daily tasks, Trello has become a popular tool for many. However, not everyone is aware that you can enhance its capabilities by exporting Trello data to Excel. This feature is useful for creating backups, generating reports, or gaining a new perspective on your data. In the following article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to export Trello to Excel at no cost.

Exporting Trello Boards to Excel

Before we begin, it’s important to note that Trello does not provide a built-in feature to export data directly to Excel. However, it does allow you to export your boards as JSON files, which we can then convert to Excel. Let’s take a look at the steps:

Step 1: Export Trello Board to JSON

  1. Login to your Trello account and open the board you wish to export.
  2. Click on the Show Menu button, then More, and finally on Export. Your browser will download a JSON file of your Trello board.

Step 2: Convert JSON to Excel

Now that we have a JSON file, we can use online converters to transition this data to an Excel file. One such free converter is Beautify Tools JSON to Excel Converter.

  1. Go to Beautify Tools’ JSON to Excel Converter.
  2. Upload your JSON file and click Convert to Excel. The site will return an Excel file for you to download.

Using Third-Party Tools

If you’re not comfortable working with JSON files, there are third-party tools that can do the heavy lifting directly. One such tool is Bridge24 for Trello.

How to Use Bridge24 for Trello

  1. Sign up for a free account on Bridge24 for Trello.
  2. Connect your Trello account to Bridge24.
  3. Choose the board you want to export.
  4. Go to ‘Export’ and choose ‘Excel’ as the format.

Please note that the Bridge24 free account lets you export a limited number of actions. For unlimited actions, consider upgrading to a paid plan.


Exporting your Trello boards to Excel can open up new ways of analyzing your tasks and projects. While Trello does not provide a built-in feature for this, with the help of JSON and free online tools, you can easily perform this task. Happy exporting!