How To Unarchive On Trello

Trello is a crucial online platform for efficiently organizing projects and tasks. Although it is satisfying to successfully finish tasks and archive previous boards, there may be occasions where you need to retrieve or restore them. If you are uncertain about how to unarchive on Trello, you have found the perfect guide. In just a few simple steps, this tutorial will assist you in this process.

Step 1: Find Your Archived Items

To start, you need to locate your archived items. You can do this by going into the board where the archived cards were originally. On the board’s menu, click on “More” and then “Archived Items”.

Step 2: Select Your Archived Item

From the Archived Items section, you will see a list of all your archived cards. Simply click on the card you wish to unarchive, and it will open up for you.

Step 3: Unarchive Your Item

Once your card is open, you will see a button that says “Send to Board”. By clicking on this, you immediately unarchive that item and it is sent back to the board it was originally archived from. If you want to send it to a different board, you can click on the “Board” button at the top of the card and select where you wish to send it.

Unarchiving Lists And Boards

The process to unarchive lists and boards is slightly different than cards. To unarchive a list, go to the board where the list was archived. Click on the “More” button in the board menu and then “Archived Items”. From there, select “Switch to Lists” and find the list you wish to unarchive. Click “Send to Board” to unarchive it.

To unarchive a whole board, you’ll need to go to your Trello profile. Click on your profile icon on the top-right of your Trello and select “Cards”. Then, click on the “View Closed Boards” button on the top of the page. Find the board you wish to unarchive and click “Re-open”.


Now that you know how to unarchive on Trello, you can easily revisit completed tasks, old boards, and archived lists as required. Trello’s unarchive feature is a useful function that ensures no data or important task ever gets lost in the shuffle. So, continue managing your tasks efficiently and keep your workflow smooth with Trello!