How To Decorate For Zoom

As the number of individuals telecommuting grows and the use of video conferencing tools such as Zoom becomes more prevalent, it’s essential to maintain a professional and inviting background. Below are several suggestions on enhancing your environment for Zoom meetings.


Good lighting is key to looking great on camera. Make sure you have a well-lit area in front of you, with no shadows or glare. You can use a ring light or a desk lamp to create the perfect lighting.


Choose a background that is simple and neutral. Avoid busy patterns or bright colors that may distract from your face. You can also use a virtual background on Zoom to hide any clutter or mess in your room.

Camera Placement

Make sure your camera is at eye level and pointed directly at you. This will help you avoid looking up or down at the screen, which can be distracting for viewers.


By following these tips, you can create a professional and welcoming background for your Zoom calls. Remember to test your setup before each call to ensure everything is working properly.