How To Decorate Your Zoom Background

As an increasing number of individuals switch to remote work and utilize video conferencing tools such as Zoom, having a professional and attractive background becomes crucial. Below are some suggestions for enhancing your Zoom backdrop:

Choose a Neutral Background

A neutral background is a great choice for video conferencing as it won’t distract from the speaker and allows the focus to be on the conversation. Consider using a plain white or light-colored wall as your background.

Add Some Personal Touches

While a neutral background is great, you can also add some personal touches to make it more interesting. Consider adding a few books, plants, or artwork to the background. Just make sure they are not too distracting and won’t take away from the conversation.

Use Virtual Backgrounds

If you don’t have a suitable physical background, consider using virtual backgrounds in Zoom. You can choose from a variety of options or even upload your own image. Just make sure it’s appropriate and won’t distract from the conversation.


Decorating your Zoom background is an important step in creating a professional and visually appealing video conference experience. By choosing a neutral background, adding personal touches, or using virtual backgrounds, you can create a great backdrop for your next meeting.