How To Change List Color In Trello

Without a doubt, Trello is a highly beneficial resource for managing your tasks, projects, and teams. Among its plethora of features is the option to modify the color of lists on your board. This function serves not only for appearance but also for enhancing your organizational tactics. By color-coding your lists, you can easily distinguish them, enhance the visual appeal of your board, and ultimately, boost productivity. So, how do you go about changing the color of a list on Trello? Let’s jump in and find out!

Before We Start

First off, it’s important to note that Trello itself doesn’t directly allow for a change in the list color. However, we can leverage the power of browser extensions to achieve this. Specifically, we will use the browser extension named Stylish that lets you apply custom styles to websites. We’ll use it to change the color of lists in Trello. For this tutorial, we will be using the Chrome browser.

Step 1: Install the Stylish Extension

The first step is to install the Stylish extension on your Chrome browser. Visit the Stylish page on the Chrome web store and click on Add to Chrome button to install the extension.

Step 2: Create a New Style for Trello

After you’ve successfully installed Stylish, it’s time to create a new style for Trello. Click on the Stylish extension icon on your browser and select Manage Styles. Then, click on Write New Style. Give your style a name, such as “Trello List Color” and in the code area, you’ll paste some custom CSS code.

Step 3: Add Custom CSS

In the code area, you’ll add some CSS to target the Trello lists. Here is an example of the CSS you might use:

    .list {
        background-color: #your-color-code !important;

Replace #your-color-code with the hex color code for the color you want to apply to your Trello lists. The !important keyword is used to ensure that this style overpowers any default styles set by Trello.

Once you’ve added your CSS, you’ll need to define where to apply this style. Underneath the code area, you’ll see a section labeled “Applies to”. Click on Specify and from the dropdown menu, select URLs on the domain. Then, enter in the text field.

Step 4: Save and Test Your New Style

After you’ve completed setting up your style, click Save. Head back over to Trello and refresh your board. You should now see your lists in the color that you set in your custom style. Enjoy your newly personalized Trello experience!


While Trello doesn’t directly offer the ability to change the color of lists, the Stylish extension for Chrome provides a straightforward workaround. This simple modification can greatly enhance your visual experience and productivity on Trello. Happy organizing!