How To Change Color In Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a robust software utilized by video editors, motion graphic designers, and visual effects artists to produce impressive visuals for media. A frequent task performed in this program is altering the color of a video, object, or layer. In this lesson, we will discover how to accomplish this task.

Steps to Change Color in Adobe After Effects

Step 1: Open the Composition

The first thing you need to do is to open the composition containing the color you want to change. To do this, locate the “Project” panel and double click on the composition to open it.

Step 2: Select the Layer

Next, you will need to select the layer of the composition you want to change the color of. The layers are listed in the “Timeline” panel. You can simply click on the layer to select it.

Step 3: Apply the Change to Color Effect

Now that you have selected the layer, you can apply the Change to Color effect. To do this, go to the Effect > Color Correction > Change to Color.

Step 4: Select the Original Color

In the “Change to Color” settings, you will see an option for “From”. This is where you select the original color that you want to change. You can use the eyedropper tool to pick the color from your video.

Step 5: Select the New Color

Below the “From” option, you will see a “To” option. This is where you select the new color that you want to change the original color to. You can either manually choose a color or use the eyedropper tool to pick a color from another part of your video or any other source.

Step 6: Adjust the Change

Finally, you can adjust the change using the “Change” drop-down menu. You can choose whether to change the hue, lightness, or saturation of the color, or any combination of the three. The change you select will apply to the color you are changing.

And that’s it! You have successfully changed the color in Adobe After Effects. Remember, practice is key when it comes to mastering software like After Effects. So, keep practicing and experimenting with different options to achieve the desired effects.

Here’s the full process in code:

    // Step 3
    Effect > Color Correction > Change to Color

    // Step 4
    In the Change to Color settings, select From 

    // Step 5
    Below the From option, select To 

    // Step 6
    Adjust the change using the Change drop-down menu