How To Carriage Return In Microsoft Teams Chat

Microsoft Teams stands out as a widely used platform for messaging and teamwork, enabling users to interact via chat, video calling, and sharing of documents. Typing messages is a fundamental activity within any chat application, and occasionally, inserting line breaks or carriage returns is essential to enhance the readability of the message.

Using the Enter Key

The easiest way to add a carriage return in Microsoft Teams chat is by using the enter key. Simply press the enter key once to create a new line, and then type your message on the next line. This will help you to organize your thoughts and make your message more readable.

Using Shift+Enter

If you want to add a carriage return without starting a new paragraph, you can use the shift+enter combination. Pressing shift+enter will create a line break without adding any extra space between the lines. This is useful when you want to keep your message in a single paragraph but still need to separate different ideas or thoughts.

Using HTML Tags

If you’re familiar with HTML, you can also use HTML tags to add carriage returns in Microsoft Teams chat. To do this, simply type the following code: <br>. This will create a line break and separate your message into different paragraphs.


In conclusion, adding carriage returns in Microsoft Teams chat is easy and can be done using the enter key, shift+enter combination, or HTML tags. By following these simple steps, you can make your messages more readable and easier to understand for your colleagues.