How To Access Onedrive Personal Vault On Mac

OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution, enables users to save and retrieve their files from any location. With the Personal Vault feature, OneDrive enhances the protection of your critical files by demanding further verification to access them. This guide will walk you through the steps to access the OneDrive Personal Vault on a Mac.

Step 1: Open OneDrive

To access the OneDrive Personal Vault, you need to open the OneDrive app on your Mac computer. You can find the OneDrive app in the Applications folder or by searching for it using Spotlight.

Step 2: Sign In

Once you have opened the OneDrive app, you will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft account. Enter your email address and password to sign in.

Step 3: Access Personal Vault

After signing in, you will see all your files and folders in OneDrive. To access the Personal Vault, click on the “Personal Vault” folder. You will be prompted to enter a second form of authentication, such as a fingerprint or face recognition, before accessing the Personal Vault.

Step 4: Add Files to Personal Vault

Once you have accessed the Personal Vault, you can add files and folders to it by dragging and dropping them into the folder. You can also right-click on a file or folder and select “Move to Personal Vault” from the context menu.

Step 5: Remove Files from Personal Vault

To remove files from the Personal Vault, simply drag and drop them out of the folder or right-click on a file or folder and select “Remove from Personal Vault” from the context menu.


Accessing the OneDrive Personal Vault on a Mac computer is a simple process that adds an extra layer of security to your most important files. By following these steps, you can easily access and manage your Personal Vault from anywhere.