How Do I Increase Resolution In Canva

If you use Canva frequently, you may have encountered a common issue – the resolution of your final output may not meet your desired standard. But fret not, we’re ready to lend a hand! In this blog, we will guide you on how to enhance the resolution in Canva for sharper and better-quality graphics.

Understanding Resolution

Resolution is the detail an image has. The higher the resolution, the more detail an image can hold. In digital imaging, resolution is often expressed in PPI (pixels per inch) or DPI (dots per inch), which refer to the number of pixels or dots of ink on a surface within a one-inch space.

Increasing Resolution in Canva

While Canva doesn’t provide an option to directly change the resolution of a project, there’s a simple workaround that you can use to increase the resolution. The trick is to increase the dimensions (width and height) of your design. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Start a New Design

Select the ‘Custom dimensions’ button on the top right corner of the Canva homepage. You can then input your desired width and height. Remember, the larger the dimensions, the higher the resolution. For instance, if the size you need is 500×500 pixels (usual for a logo), you could create it in 2000×2000 pixels instead.

Step 2: Download Your Design

Once you’ve finished your design, it’s time to download it. Click the “Download” button on the top right corner. Make sure to select the file type that suits your needs. For the highest quality, you may want to select PDF Print.

Step 3: Rescale Your Design

After downloading, if your design is larger than you need, you can rescale it to the desired size using any graphic software like Photoshop or an online image resizer. This will maintain the high resolution you’ve created with the larger dimensions in Canva.


By following these steps, you can effectively increase the resolution of your Canva designs, resulting in higher quality images and graphics. Remember that the key to a high resolution design is to start with larger dimensions and then scale down if necessary. Happy designing!