How To Share Screen Canva In Zoom

As the use of remote tools for work and learning continues to increase, platforms such as Zoom and Canva play a crucial role. Zoom enables us to connect virtually, while Canva offers a platform for creating impressive designs. However, one may wonder how to integrate these tools and share a Canva screen on Zoom. Let’s explore this further.

Step 1: Open Your Canva Design

First, navigate to the Canva design that you want to share. This could be an infographic, a poster, a presentation or any other design that you’ve created in Canva.

Step 2: Start a Zoom Meeting

Start a Zoom meeting as you typically would. This could be through the Zoom app on your computer or through the web interface at Zoom’s website. Once the meeting has started, make sure to invite the participants who need to see your Canva screen.

Step 3: Share Your Screen

At the bottom of the Zoom interface, you should see an option that says “Share Screen”. Click this button.

Selecting the Correct Screen

A window will pop up with multiple options for what you can share. You can share your entire desktop, a specific application window, a portion of your screen, or a whiteboard. To share your Canva screen, you’ll want to select the option that shows your browser with the Canva design.

Note: If you have multiple monitors, make sure you’re sharing the correct screen.

Step 4: Collaborate in Canva

Now that you’re sharing your Canva screen in Zoom, you can present your design, make edits and changes in real-time, and collaborate with your team. If you’re on a Canva for Work plan, you can also invite your team members to edit the design in Canva along with you.

Step 5: Stop Sharing

Once you’ve finished with your design, you can stop sharing your screen in Zoom by clicking the “Stop Share” button at the top of your screen.

And there you have it! A simple, step-by-step guide on how to share your Canva screen in a Zoom meeting. Remember, effective virtual collaboration is all about clear communication and the right tools. So, don’t be afraid to use screen sharing in Zoom to improve your team’s design process in Canva.