How Do I Add A Co-host To A Zoom Meeting

Incorporating a co-host into your Zoom meeting is an excellent strategy for distributing duties and ensuring seamless proceedings. No matter if it’s a webinar, a conference call, or a simple gathering among friends, the presence of a co-host can significantly enhance your capability to oversee the meeting efficiently.

Step 1: Start the Meeting

To add a co-host to your Zoom meeting, you’ll need to start the meeting first. Once you’ve started the meeting, you’ll see a button in the bottom toolbar that says “Make Co-Host.” Click on this button and select the person you want to make a co-host from the list of participants.

Step 2: Assign Responsibilities

Once you’ve added a co-host, you can assign them specific responsibilities within the meeting. For example, you might ask your co-host to manage the chat or mute participants who are causing disruptions. You can also give your co-host permission to start and stop the recording of the meeting.

Step 3: End the Meeting

When the meeting is over, you’ll need to end it as usual. However, if you want to keep the meeting open for your co-host to continue hosting, you can assign them as the host before leaving the meeting.


Adding a co-host to a Zoom meeting can be a great way to share responsibilities and make sure that everything runs smoothly. By following these simple steps, you can add a co-host to your next meeting and enjoy the benefits of having an extra set of hands on deck.