How Do Canvas Peer Reviews Work

Canvas, an e-learning platform, provides a wide range of resources that aid both teachers and students. One of these tools is the ‘Peer Review’ feature, which allows students to give and receive feedback on their assignments. In this article, we take a closer look at Canvas Peer Reviews, explaining their functioning and providing advice on how to make the most out of this capability.

How Does Canvas Peer Review Work?

Canvas Peer Review is a platform feature enabling students to provide feedback on each other’s assignments. It brings an active learning approach, fostering critical thinking and communication skills amongst students.

Setting Up Peer Reviews

To start a peer review, the instructor first creates an assignment. While setting up the assignment, they have an option to require peer reviews. The instructor can then decide whether to manually assign peer reviews or let Canvas automatically assign them after the due date.

Participating in Peer Reviews

Once peer reviews are assigned, students can access them through their dashboard or via the ‘To-Do’ list on their course homepage. Students open the assigned peer’s submission, review it, and then provide their feedback in the comment section.

Best Practices for Canvas Peer Reviews

Canvas Peer Reviews can enhance learning experiences enormously when used effectively. Here are a few best practices to ensure fruitful peer reviews:

  • Clear Guidelines: Provide students with clear guidelines on how to give constructive feedback.
  • Use Rubrics: Rubrics help students understand what they should focus on during the review. Canvas allows the creation and attachment of rubrics for assignments.
  • Encourage Positivity: Promote a positive and respectful environment for feedback.


Canvas Peer Reviews act as a powerful tool in the digital learning environment, enabling students to learn from their peers, improve their communication skills, and engage more deeply with the course material. By setting explicit expectations and providing structured guidelines for feedback, educators can create a constructive and enlightening peer review experience for their students.