How To Know Password Of Facebook Account In Google Chrome

If you have allowed Google Chrome to save your Facebook password, it will be kept in your browser and you can access it. However, it is crucial to note that this guide is aimed at those who have forgotten or misplaced their passwords. Please honor others’ privacy and refrain from using this information for unethical motives.

Let’s Get Started

Follow these easy steps to reveal your saved Facebook password in Google Chrome:

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the Three-Dot Menu at the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Scroll down and click on Passwords under the Autofill section.
  5. Here, you will see a list of saved passwords. Look for Facebook in this list.
  6. Click on the eye icon next to your obscured Facebook password.
  7. Google Chrome may ask you to enter your computer’s password for security reasons. After entering it, your Facebook password will be revealed.

Important Note

Remember, the steps above will only work if you’ve previously saved your Facebook password on Google Chrome. If you haven’t saved it, you’ll need to reset your password via Facebook’s official process. Also, remember to always protect your passwords and avoid sharing them with others.


In this digital age where we have numerous online accounts, it’s easy to forget a password. Thankfully, browsers like Google Chrome offer the convenience of saving passwords. Just make sure you’re keeping your saved passwords secured, especially if you share your device with others. Always use this feature responsibly.

Happy browsing!