How to Mount an Image to a Virtual Drive

This tutorial will show you how to mount a cd image file to a virtual drive. Most programs that you will download will be in a disk image format (ISO, BIN/CUE, etc.). In most cases you will have to burn the images to a CD or DVD so that you can install the program. It is a waste of a CD to burn the program and then install it. You can save from having to burn disks by using a virtual drive. A virtual drive is a drive that is not physically there, but will trick your computer into thinking that you have another CD/DVD drive. It will load the CD image file off the disk and then run the installation just like it would from a burnt disk. This can also be used to launch some no CD cracks for certain games.

For this tutorial I will be using Daemon Tools. From the website: “DAEMON Tools is a virtual cd/dvd-rom emulator. It is able to emulate nearly all known copy protections on the market today.” It is also a free program, so I thought it would be an excellent choice. Daemon tools will allow us to create as many virtual drives as we need.

First you will need to Download Daemon Tools. You will need to select the proper version for your CPU type. If you are running a 32bit processor choose the x32 version . If you are running a 64bit processor, choose the x64 version of the program.

Save the file to your desktop (note: I will be using the x86 version, since the x64 version doesn’t support my AMD Turion 64 x2 processor yet. The software should still work fie, but won’t be able to take advantage of the 64 bit architecture.)
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

Double Click the icon to run the installer. Follow the on screen direction (You will probably just use the default selections). After you install Daemon Tools, you will have to restart your computer.
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

When your computer restarts you will notice a popup that tells you about the ads that come with Daemon Tools (It used to be free, but it looks like it is ad supported now. You may want to download an older version if you do not want the toolbar). You will have to accept this to continue using the software.

Now you will see that Daemon Tools is running in the task bar.
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

To mount an image, right click on the Daemon Tools taskbar icon and selection “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM then “Device 0:” then “Mount Image”.
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

Now browse to your image file (I will be using the latest version of Ubuntu Linux.)

Daemon tools will automatically run the disk if it is an autoexecutable.
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

You can also browse the CD if you go into My Computer and select your Virtual Drive.
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

You will notice that it is just like browsing the actual disk.
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

Now if for some reason you may want to add another virtual drive. Right click on Daemon Tools, then select “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM” then “select number of devices. There you can select up to 4 drives.
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

When you are finished with the mounted images, you will want to unmount it. Leaving multiple images will affect your PC’s performance negatively. To unmount an image right click on the Daemon Tools task bar icon and select “Virtual CD/DVD-ROM” then select the device you want to unmount and click unmount.
Using Daemon Tools to Mount a Virtual Drive

Now take sometime to explore some of the other functionality of Daemon Tools. I hope this tutorial helped you create a virtual drive and mount an image file. Hope fully it will save some coasters (used CD’s) in the process.

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  • chin

    i have a question… how come i can’t see any letter in the “Device 0 [ F:] No media?”

    • k

      You need to “mount” something to the virtual drive; right click on the Demeon icon in the tool-bar and then click on virtual drive and then clikc on mount and then browse to the file you need to mount

  • Did you mount an image to the drive?

  • Excellent. Exactly what I needed. Worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • HelixEffect

    Although I’ve mounted something, it continues to tell me that I must insert a disk into the drive, any help?

  • Someone

    Although I’ve mounted something, it continues to tell me that I must insert a disk into the drive, any help?

  • nzsmostwanted

    It is sufgeested that you download Daemon tools.I did and found it to contain a trojan in the whenUsave.exe? file included.Is there an alternative without the trojan included? It was detected by TrendMicro Internet security suite,bit defender and A2 Free 3.1.

  • nzsmostwanted

    typo error…should read ‘suggested’.

  • nzsmostwanted

    actually, maybe adware,can’t recollect as it was a while ago I used Daemon tools.

  • quebec

    when i click ‘explore’ on the virtual disc it says that the disk is corrupted or incompatible with windows…

  • alex u.k

    Thanks alot team tutorials, worked excellently, perfect! easy to follow! THANKYOU!

  • sarah

    This dameon tools most absolutely has a virus! No doubt – i just had to restore my system. DO NOT download. I can’t stress it enough – DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  • There is no virus in Daemon Tools. Your Anti-virus is picking up adware. However, you can choose not to install the Daemon Tools Search Bar and you should have no problem.

  • :: virtual drive::

    ???? message is “” windows cannot access this disc the disc might be corrupt.”” help…

    • I have the same problem! Can someone help?

  • kk

    what windows xp theme is he using?? looks different.

  • It’s the default Windows XP Media Center Theme.

  • Ben kurlis

    or else you can use a freeware programe called imgburn 🙂

    mount the iso, or burn the iso with the program, everything is beeing prepered by the program when you clicking on the iso file and the program starts automatic and then just hit burn .

    support burning dual layer dvds also and orginal dvds

  • Robo

    I mount a image, but the game not start and type: “Pleae Insert CD…” Can you help me how i create a unlock iso file for game? Many thanks

  • shan

    can anyone help me.
    i extract an iso file and it resulted in setup.exe file.
    when i run this setup file, it says put origional cd int he drive.
    how can i run this setup.exe file from a virtual cd?
    please in detail tell me.



  • KamikazeKow

    when i try it it says: The procedure entry point CreateProcessWithTokenW could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll
    any help?

  • Abhishek

    Thanks for the info
    i’m highly grateful.

  • thwua90

    I mounted the “Cambridge Grammar” image into the virtual drive (made by DEAMON Tools) but the “pop-up” siad: “No disc inserted. Please insert CD/DVD.” Why? What else should I do?

  • ant

    I am horrible at coding and expect everyone else to fix my mistakes.Free of charge, of course.

  • sree

    i mounted the image but when i click on the explore it says please insert a disk. someone help me out

  • Kunal

    Thanks a lot bro…..gr8 relief…….got just wat i wanted

  • cam

    will this work on vister?

    • Jon


  • mike

    ok so i have daemon tools lite an stuff, i get the idea of what its supposed to do but, what file exactly am i supposed to mount? the folder with all the stuff inside it or a certain somthing inside im so confused.

  • Kyriaks

    This is Genius! Thanks so much for the help much appreciated!!

  • Kyriaks

    Yes I have Vista and it works Cam

  • Braden

    How do I mount an image that isn’t an ISO file ?
    and how would I make it an ISO file ?

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  • Sohan

    Thanks a lot this just what I was looking for……… 🙂

  • Alistair

    i am having the same problem that every eles is having.
    i mounted the iso file using DEAMON Tools. i slect the virtual drive to install my game(LORD OF THE RING BFME2)
    but when ever i click on the icon on my desktp to launch my game it ask me to put the cd in. i tried launching the game straight from DEAMON Tools but i t keep asking me to put in a cd. i need help

    • Basically some of the disc images created, especially if you pirated the disc, will not be named correctly. Other problem I have seen are that the mounted drive is not the correct drive letter and the game is trying to check for the disc in the default drive. The easiest way around this is to go online and find a no-cd crack for the game you are playing. I’m not giving out a link though. I’m sure google will.

  • I use mounting only for installation.

  • Anonymous

    I really need a help! I installed Deamon tools and mounted my ISO file but nothing happened. I got no drive, no icons, no automatic opening…nothing!!! help pls!!!

  • Bethany T

    Can I simply unmount the image after installation and not worry, or is there more I should do to prevent leftover parts from building up and slowing down my processors?
    Also, for a game which requires a CD for each time it is played, do I have to do anything to keep the computer believeing it has an extra drive with a CD, or will it simply play from the computer from then on?
    Easy to follow, great setout, thanks very much 🙂

  • ato

    i get this message invali/unsupported format anytime i mount my football manager 2010

  • ato

    i get this message invalid/unsupported format anytime i mount my football manager 2010

    • matt sexton


  • Alvaro garcia



  • nancy

    I was a bit hesitant to try this but it worked perfectly with FREE DAEMON Tools lite.
    I left the ISO in my downloads folder so I could easily find it. I just loaded Ubuntu on a thumb drive 🙂 I’m registering for more of your wisdom. THANKS.

  • Camille

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    I mount a image, but the game not start and type: “Pleae Insert CD…” Can you help me how i create a unlock iso file for game? Many thanks

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  • That sounds excellent though i’m just still not too certain that I favor it. Anyways will look further into it and choose personally! 🙂

  • victor

    tengo el microcat hyundai 2011 ya lo instale pero no logro poner a funcionar el programa !para crakear ese programa con deamon tools como le hago? gracias

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