Does Canva Have Voice Over

Canva is a popular design tool that is popularly used by both experienced designers and beginners because of its versatility, user-friendly interface, and wide selection of templates and design elements. It constantly updates its capabilities to cater to the changing needs of its users. However, is there a voice over feature available on Canva?

Does Canva have voice over?

As of now, Canva does not natively support voice over in its platform. The tool is primarily meant for graphic design and currently does not have audio editing or recording capabilities. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no workarounds if you wish to include voice over in your Canva designs.

Workarounds for voice over in Canva

Though Canva doesn’t natively support voice over, there are several intuitive ways you can incorporate voice overs into your Canva projects. These methods involve recording your voice over separately and then adding it to your design.

1. Use an external tool: There are numerous free online tools like Audacity or GarageBand where you can record your voice over and then save it as a file. Once you have your voice over file, you can then upload it to Canva as audio and sync it with your visuals.

2. Use a video editor: Another way to add a voice over is to export your Canva project as a video and then use a video editing tool to add your voice over. Tools like iMovie or Adobe Premiere Pro allow you to import your video and audio files, and then sync them together.


While Canva may not currently offer a voice over feature, this doesn’t limit your ability to add voice overs to your designs. With a little creativity and the use of some external tools, you can still incorporate voice overs into your Canva projects. We hope Canva will consider adding this feature in the near future, given its vast potential in enhancing the tool’s capabilities.