Canva Text Cut Off

Becoming a master designer is made simpler with the help of the right tools, including Canva. In this article, we will address a common problem that Canva users encounter – the issue of text getting cut off – and provide solutions for resolving it.

Have you ever designed something so exquisite on Canva, only to find that when you download your project, your text is cut off? Frustrating isn’t it? But don’t worry! This blog post will elucidate just what might be causing this problem and how you can avoid it in your subsequent designs.

Why Does the Canva Text Cut Off Happen?

When designing in Canva, especially with text, it is important to note that how your design looks on the screen might not necessarily translate perfectly when downloaded. This is often due to a couple of reasons such as:

  • Using a font size too large for the text box
  • Placing your text too close to the edge of your design
  • Using an unsupported font type in some instances

How to Fix the Canva Text Cut Off Issue

Fixing this issue can be achieved by following the steps below:

Adjust Your Font Size

If your text is getting cut off, it might be because your font size is too large for the text box. Simply decrease the font size or enlarge the text box to fit your text perfectly.

Consider Your Design’s Edges

Placing your text too close to the edge of your design can also result in your text being cut off. To avoid this, you could try moving your text away from the edge of your design and see if that helps.

Check Your Font Type

If you’re still having trouble, consider if the font type you’re using could be causing the problem. Some unique fonts can behave differently depending on their properties. Try switching to a different font and see if the issue persists.


Designing with Canva should be a fun, seamless experience. However, the Canva Text Cut Off issue can often turn this experience into a frustrating ordeal. Hopefully, with this guide, you can now effectively deal with this problem and continue creating amazing designs.

Remember, when designing, always consider the boundaries of your design. Pay close attention to the placement and size of your text and you’ll be less likely to experience this issue. Happy designing!