How To Get A Weight Loss Ad Approved On Facebook

Facebook has strict guidelines for advertising weight loss products and services. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can take to ensure that your weight loss ad is approved by Facebook.

Step 1: Understand Facebook’s Guidelines

The first step in getting your weight loss ad approved on Facebook is to understand their guidelines. Facebook has a policy against promoting products or services that make unrealistic claims about weight loss or promote harmful or unsustainable weight loss methods.

What is Considered Unrealistic?

  • Claims of rapid weight loss without effort
  • Claims of permanent weight loss without maintenance
  • Claims that a product or service can target specific body parts for weight loss

What is Considered Harmful?

  • Promoting extreme diets or fasting
  • Promoting excessive exercise regimens
  • Promoting weight loss surgery as a quick fix

Step 2: Create Compliant Ad Copy

Once you understand Facebook’s guidelines, the next step is to create compliant ad copy. This means that your ad should not make any unrealistic claims about weight loss or promote harmful weight loss methods.

Tips for Compliant Ad Copy

  • Focus on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, rather than rapid weight loss
  • Promote sustainable weight loss methods, such as balanced diets and regular exercise
  • Use realistic before and after photos to showcase your product or service

Step 3: Submit Your Ad for Review

After creating compliant ad copy, the final step is to submit your ad for review. Facebook has a team of reviewers who will evaluate your ad and determine if it meets their guidelines.

What to Expect During Review

  • Facebook may request additional information or clarification about your product or service
  • Facebook may reject your ad if it does not meet their guidelines
  • If your ad is approved, you can begin running it on Facebook


Getting a weight loss ad approved on Facebook requires understanding their guidelines and creating compliant ad copy. By following these steps, you can increase your chances of having your ad approved and reaching your target audience.